Truth or Dare Pics!

We are big fans of the site Truth or Dare Pics.  If you have not seen it before you should definitely check it out.  This site allows women and couples to post pictures and stories about themselves (anonymously or not) and encourages email from viewers. The site is really sexy, open, and positive.  In the end it works for everyone: it encourages sharing!

There are tons of sexy women on the site. Our goal is to re-blog a few of the posts that we find especially hot.  We will try to limit the re-blogs from ToDP to remain on theme although there are so many great posts it may be difficult!

If you re-blog please leave the source line in place so we can give credit where credit is due.

A note on the tags: we are trying to be organized/specific relating to the photo tags we use.  In the case of the ToDP re-blogs the tags may refer to the picture or to the accompanying text on the main site. For us, even if the photo is of a solo girl, if it is a person posting a sexy story, the text adds context and meaning to the photo above and beyond the image itself.